About Us

Tradestone Performance is the go-to automobile station for the motorists of Tradestone and other nearby areas in Glasgow. We have gained the reputation of being a dependable garage because of our years of dedicated and honest service.

There are numerous aspects of our car services to satisfy the needs of our diverse client base.

Mechanical repairs and servicing

No matter how carefully you drive your car, occasional repairs and servicing needs are bound to crop up. We have expert automobile technicians who can perform an accurate diagnostics to figure out what exactly is wrong with your car and take proper remedial measures.

You may also come to us for your annual car servicing. We have a dedicated servicing wing which combines cutting-edge technology with good old fashioned experience to bring out the best from your car.


Scratches and dents may foil the aesthetics of your car, blemishing its unalloyed beauty. We understand that such imperfections have no place in a car. To counter that, we have a bodywork repair segment that can fix any dents on your car’s body and leave it looking like new.


Tradestone Performance in Tradestone, Glasgow is one of the most prominent MOT test centres with DVSA authentication. Our MOT service is carried out by automobile experts who have a flawless track record of performing the test.

Our MOT service is quick, effective and accurate. We can also perform any repairs that may emerge after the test. Rest assured, you will drive home in an entirely roadworthy car from our garage.


Many of our clients want to enhance the performance of their vehicles by fine-tuning the engine to fit their requirements. It is one of our primary areas of expertise. We have the necessary professional back-up and equipment to perform anything from ECU remapping, engine tuning to custom exhaust fitting.

Insurance claims

We understand how difficult it can become if you are involved in an accident. Safety threats aside, the damage to your car can be crippling by itself. We are an insurance approved garage which can help you get your vehicle back to its original condition.

While we set about repairing your accident-afflicted car, you may drive home in a rental car which we will help you arrange.

In essence, Tradestone Performance is a complete car solution provider that you can trust. Avail our service once, and we promise you that no other garage will ever seem good enough again!