Accidental Claims

If you have been involved in a road accident in or around Tradeston, you must visit our workstation- Tradeston Performance- for car repairs and advice on accidental claims. If you have a non-fault claim, meaning you were not directly responsible for the accident, you will get the best advice on accidental claims in Tradeston at our facility.

You can also hire a car from us as your alternative mode of transport should you choose to till we repair your vehicle.

The United Kingdom has a widespread system of RTA (Road Traffic Accident) claims designed to cover car drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and bikers in the event of an accident. RTA claims can be made for both direct and non-direct injuries. Some of the personal injuries that RTA claims in Tradeston cover are:

  • Whiplash injuries
  • Airbag and seat belt
  • Child restraints injury

Top 3 causes of car accidents

There are several causes behind car accidents on the UK’s roads. 3 of the most common causes are:

  • Negligence: As per UK road laws, negligence can mean everything from mobile phone usage to changing the music to sheer irresponsibility.
  • Adverse weather: Winters are when most road accidents occur. Ice, snow, sleet and muddy roads can come together and cause dangerous accidents, which sometimes lead to fatalities.
  • Vehicle malfunction: At times, malfunctioning cars contribute to road mishaps.

How to make accidental claims

Tradeston Performance guides you through the claims procedure. When you come to our facility for RTA claims in Tradeston, we ensure you understand the process and make informed decisions.

  • Our facility will help you with a road traffic accident solicitor who will liaise for you throughout the claims procedure.
  • We gather all your personal data including name, phone number and address.
  • All details of the accident are collected. Our team of experts will process the information and then send all required documents to the solicitor.
  • If you have any medical or legal reports, we will arrange for them to be submitted too.
  • Should you have any witness statements to the accident, we will record them and send them to solicitors.

Compensation claims range from £1,000 to £200,000 depending on the severity of an accident. Our accidental claims in Tradeston service can help you settle such issues with dexterity.

Why chose Us?

Tradeston Performance has a team of experienced personnel who can restore your vehicle to its past glory after an accident. We also provide advice on claims and deliver cars for hire. All our operations are carried out according to the most stringent insurance standards.

We also service cars within a pre-stipulated timeline.

Book an appointment with us before you arrive. That way, you can save time and jump the queue. Alternatively, call us on 01414290919 today.