At Tradeston Performance, we strive to provide the best service, to restore your car to its pre-accident form. Most often a bodywork is required after an accident. However, it's also necessary to opt for complete bodywork in Tradeston, Performance for your car after using it for a long time.

Bodywork service in our garage comprises of all necessary services

Any repair work that involves the structure, frame or the aesthetics of your car falls under bodywork services.

Here's what a bodywork service from our garage involves –

  • Fixing dents and dings
  • Cutting off old damaged parts and replacing them with new ones
  • Fills holes
  • Repairing of scratches
  • Re-painting the entire car body and applying wax
  • Replacement of cracked windshield
  • Repairing window panels and mechanism
  • Fixing torn car seats and reupholstering them

Importance of bodywork

Accidents are unwelcomed by everyone. However, even with all precautions maintained, people run into accidents. After emerging safe and sound from an accident, it’s essential to head over to a car garage in Tradeston, Glasgow, to ensure your car is in its optimal working state.

If left unattended after an accident, you may miss out on possible faults that can lead to another unfortunate situation. So head immediately head over to our Tradeston Performance for a through bodywork in Tradeston, Glasgow after sustaining an accident.

When to seek our car bodywork service

  • If your car has accumulated rust

A car’s body can accumulate over time due to regular contact with water and slurry. It’s essential to remove them from the surface to prevent them from spreading. With our efficient bodywork in Tradeston, Glasgow, we ensure your car is returned to its pristine condition.

  • Your car has developed dents and scratch

We use the best quality fillers and advanced tools to remove dents and plug any holes. Our experts know their craft well and ensure that no signs of damage remain after completion of the services.

  • Your car needs a new coat of paint

Many car owners decide to change the colour of their vehicle. Many also choose to add accessories to uplift their vehicle's aesthetics.

Our bodywork services are centred around on a single motto, your vehicle must look better than ever before!

Visits us for a car bodywork

Tradeston Performance is an insurance-approved garage, so you can bring your car to our garage for a free service, as long as your insurance is valid.

Our quality service makes us the favourite bodywork garage in Tradeston, Glasgow!