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Regular and thorough car servicing can decrease running costs and maximise your car’s value over time. At Tradeston Performance, our teams of specialised technicians can service all areas of your vehicle and carry out necessary repairs. We use the most advanced automotive technologies to identify troublesome areas and fix them in time.

Over its running life, a car suffers from a wide gamut of problems. The most affected areas include, but are not restricted to, the suspension, tyres, headlights, windscreen wipers, brakes and clutch.

At our facility, you can access the most complete and professional car repair in Glasgow. We also store a variety of OE-grade spares for you.

Which car service should you choose?

Our car services have 3 different levels, each more comprehensive than the previous one. These packages will meet your requirements at periodic intervals.

  • For minor defects- interim service every 6 months

It is our most popular service especially for city dwellers and those who do not drive too often. Our interim package covers a lot of ground and makes us the best car service garage in Glasgow. A temporary service session includes filter and oil change, essential fluid top-ups, and brake, suspension and steering checks conducted by professionals. These checks are carried out after removing the wheels.

  • For major defects- full service every 12 months    

To ensure trouble-free driving, we have a full-service session. This package covers everything that an interim package consists of and adds a few extra services like mandatory brake fluid top-up, filter replacements, replenishments of power steering fluid, besides topping up engine coolant. All these services will ensure your car drives without fuss and command a considerably heightened resale value.

How does regular servicing help?

Regular servicing sessions are a must to preserve the vehicle, gain from increased fuel economy and increased resale value. A properly serviced car will also pass an MOT test at the first attempt.

If you have recently failed an MOT, bring your car to Tradeston Performance. Our team of experts can nurse your precious possession using the latest technology available.

Our commitment to quality

At Tradeston Performance, you get access to the most widely-recognised car service garage in Glasgow. We offer:

  • Timely and assured vehicle delivery. When you book a service session, we will provide an estimated delivery timeline.
  • The best service price packages. All our prices will be mentioned in our bills, and there are no hidden charges.
  • The best OE-grade spares for all parts that need replacing. Clutch and brake problems often require outright replacements.
  • Our car service garage in Glasgow services only with premium grade coolants, engine and brake fluids, and other miscellaneous items.

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