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ECU remapping, also known as vehicle remapping or ECU tuning, is a technologically complicated process where service technicians tweak certain aspects to provide improved performance. ECU remapping is challenging, and yet is something that our experts at Tradeston Performance excel at.

We use a modern suite of software for ECU remapping at Tradeston, Glasgow. A car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) is a miniature computer which controls various aspects and parameters in real-time and optimises vehicular performance.

ECU remapping results in customised performance. Older cars that generally do not have ECUs do not require remapping.

What is ECU remapping?

An ECU controls the way your car’s engine operates. It has an electronic management system which is capable of controlling the fuel injection inside the engine, among several other functions. It must be noted that diesel and petrol engines behave differently, but their ECUs are nearly identical.

Remapping, chip tuning or ‘chipping’ an ECU results in improved performance and better fuel efficiency. At times, ECUs are also capable of capping speed limits, which a remapping procedure shall bypass. If you own a car with a turbocharger on-board, you might consider an ECU remapping at Tradeston, Glasgow to experience the full power of your vehicle.

How do we do it?

We can remap your engine professionally and in record time using 3 different methods. While these methods all achieve the same results, they differ in complexity and fees.

  • Flashing’ is the most common method. We flash the existing ECU with a newer electronic map of the car in question. Flashing does not require any additional software and we can do it under an hour. We can hook up using the vehicle diagnostic port.
  • The 2nd way is custom remapping. We hook up your car’s ECU to a laptop but alter specific parameters based on your demands. If you are looking for better performance and improved mileage, choose this option. Our experts at Tradeston Performance are experts at custom remapping. Remapping is completed using a dynamometer, where we can tweak certain specifications.
  • The last option involves connecting to the ECU via the OBD port (or the serial port) and then uploading a newer version of the ECU’s existing software. The last method is slightly more time and cost-intensive but provides better performance in the long run.

Our services

Our experts are aware of certain legal complications that extensive ECU remapping causes. For example, if you do not inform your insurance service provider before you commence with ECU remapping at Tradeston, Glasgow, your insurance policy can be rendered null and void.

At Tradeston Performance, we emancipate you on various aspects before we start with remapping. Our prices are competitive and transparent.

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