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With 115 years of experience and innovation in tyre manufacturing, Firestone tyres are guaranteed to satisfy the performance expectations of car owners. Technicians in Tradestone Performance highly recommend Firestone car tyres.

Firestone boasts years of experience in motorsports with accolades in the likes of Indianapolis 500. Firestone is also credited with introducing the first non-skid tyres in the market.

We sell all Firestone car tyre models

Car tyres vary widely in their design and construction. Not all tyres are suitable for all purposes. Varying driving requirement calls for different tyres. That’s why we sell all available models of Firestone car tyres in Tradeston, Glasgow.

Types of car tyres available

Summer tyres

  • Designed for sustaining the heat generated from the friction between a tyres’ tread and the tarmac.
  • A summer tyre’s rubber is harder than other kinds. Hence, they are capable of resisting deformation and accelerated tread wear, a common occurrence in high heat.
  • These tyres feature specialised tread design that resists hydroplaning effectively.

Winter tyres

  • Experts recommend driving with winter tyres from November to February in Tradestone, Glasgow, to avoid the dangers posed by wintry roads.
  • These tyres comprise of softer tread compounds, thanks to the higher concentration of natural rubber.
  • Multiple sipes on the tread blocks on these tyres increase traction on snow and ice. The greater amount of gaps in the tread design allows them to utilise snow-on-snow compaction.
  • Deeper tread depth, along with a low aspect ratio, enables these tyres to bite through snow-covered tyres. So, choose to mount winter Firestone car tyres in Tradeston, Glasgow, when the ambient temperature goes below 5°C.

All-season tyres

  • All seasons combines the features of winter and summer tyres.
  • They offer reliable braking performance, handling, and wet in wet condition.
  • Balanced tread design for sufficient all-weather traction.

Top tyre models from Firestone


These tyres feature an EU rating of B for wet grip. They are designed to overcome all challenges posed by winter roads. The ability to generate high traction doesn't compromise driving comfort. That’s why at Tradeston Performance in Tradeston, Glasgow we recommend these tyres to our customers.


These tyres from Firestone offer all year round reliable performance. Moreover, they are complaint with winter-tyre legislation in the UK. With an EU noise rating of 72, they ensure a comfortable and quiet ride. Thus, for all seasons, these are the ideal choice of Firestone car tyres in Tradestone, Glasgow.


Superb handling and nimble steering response are the exemplifying features of these tyres. Firestone’s Run-Flat technology adds a layer of safety, allowing you to drive with confidence and a guarantee of optimal safety.

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