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At Tradeston Performance, we repose great pride in our vehicle diagnostics capabilities. On-Board Vehicle Diagnostics or OBD has been in vogue for many years now, but residents of Glasgow and its suburbs faced a crunch of qualified technicians.

At our facility, our team uses the latest tools to solve any issues your car faces. We also carry out repair and replacements accordingly.

Engine diagnostic at Tradeston, Glasgow is something most people often consider only when their ‘Check Engine’ light comes to life on the dashboard’s instrument cluster. But undergoing periodic vehicle diagnostics testing is mandatory as it is a pre-emptive approach towards solving potential issues.

Vehicle diagnostics at Tradeston Performance

All modern vehicles have an ECU, or an Engine Control Unit, installed on-board. It is a computer that monitors and controls several aspects of a vehicle in real-time.

An ECU retains its control over the vehicle thanks to sensors, miniature circuits and microprocessors. Whenever it detects a fault, it registers an error code.

An error code does not define the error per se. Instead, it points towards the underlying issue. Our team of professional technicians can tap into the ECU using hand-held and mobile instruments and ‘decode’ the issue.

Using advanced technologies, we can also carry out more elaborate operations and services like:

1. Tapping into the ECU’s diagnostics sub-sets.

2. Access ancillary diagnostics like SRS, ABD, airbags and Lane Control/Cruise Control systems.

3. Monitor engine parameters constantly and in real time.

Engine diagnostic at Tradeston, Glasgow also factors in known, weather-dependent and road-dependent issues when done properly. For example, a car that normally plies in Tradeston will behave in sync with one plying in Glasgow but will behave differently than one in sunny Dundee.

Importance of vehicle diagnostics

Car diagnostics can save you significant money and hassle in the long run when problems are detected and identified in time. Thanks to the advent of modern vehicular technologies, most major issues can be detected in time, but you have to enlist the services of professionals like our team at Tradeston Performance.

Our facility uses the most advanced interfaces like ELM327 and STN to aid in timely diagnosis.

What sets Tradeston Performance apart?

Our facility not only excels in engine diagnostic at Tradeston, Glasgow; we are also equally adept in emissions testing and Advanced Vehicle Telematics. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can single out the major faults and help you avoid them in the future.

We also provide repairs based on the outcome of engine diagnostic at Tradeston, Glasgow. Based on the nature of repairs and the extent of damage, we will quote a competitive price. We do not have hidden charges.

To know more of our diagnostics and repair services, contact us to book a service appointment today.