Wheel Balancing

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When you visit Tradeston Performance, we cater to your car service requirements with the utmost diligence. Our only priority is to ensure that owners who bring their vehicles to our garage leave only with their car in top-notch operational conditions. You can expect the same quality service, with our wheel balancing in Glasgow.

Bring your car to our garage for a wheel balancing

As per expert suggestions, your car’s wheels must be re-balanced after every 5000 miles. Additionally, there are certain signs of wheel imbalance.

Signs of wheel imbalance –

  • Uneven tread erosion on your car's tyres. Wheel imbalance results in a scalloped or cupped pattern of tyre tread wear.
  • Increased tyre tread erosion rate is also an indication that your car needs a wheel balancing in Glasgow.
  • Vibration on your car's steering wheel or onto the seat and floorboard when driving at high speeds.

On noticing any these any of these signs with your car; visit our professional garage in Tradeston, Glasgow without any delay. If left unattended, wheel imbalance can damage suspension components.

Why is wheel balancing essential?

Wheel balancing is a crucial automobile service that must be undertaken regularly. Over time, due to constant wear, a tyre's mass tends to become unevenly distributed around its wheels rim.

Wheel balancing requires the use of specialised machinery. Additionally, it involves the application of proper judgement of an experienced automobile technician. At Tradeston Performance in Tradeston, Glasgow, our experts use a spin balancer machine to bring your car tyres to an optimal balance.

2 kinds of wheel imbalances that must be addressed –

  • Static imbalance –

In this type of tyre imbalance, a light or heavy spot in the tyre's body prevents it from rolling smoothly. As a result, your car's tyre exhibits an up-and-down vibrating motion. It is also called a wobble motion.

  • Dynamic imbalance –

When unequal weight is present on one or both sides of a tyre's lateral centre line, then it causes a side-to-side vibration. This motion is also often termed as a ‘shimmy' motion.

Generally, both types of imbalances show up simultaneously. So, we attend to both when carrying out a wheel balancing in Glasgow.

How we progress with the balancing process?

  • A technician removes the wheels from your car and fits it on a spin balancer machine. The machine’s spindle fits into the wheels centre bore.
  • The machine spins this assembly at high speeds. Sensors on the device determine the heavy spots and feed data to a computer.
  • The technician interprets this data and decides on the weight that is needed to be attached. Also, the technician needs to determine the proper spot for attaching the weights.Visit Tradeston Performance for wheel balancing

We use only high quality clip-on weights made of zinc or steel. Our experts ensure that the weights attached doesn’t damage your wheels alloy coating.

So, visit us when looking for a wheel balancing garage in Glasgow.